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Property Management Services 
for your Hobart property

Operating since 1992, CPPM are professionals in the Hobart rental market with  25 years of experience in property management. 

Our award-winning team can share our extensive and invaluable knowledge on the Hobart market, real estate trends and provide insider know-how to help you get the most out of your property investment. 

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Why choose CPPM to manage your property?

With more than 25 years working in Hobart property management, we have used our extensive experience to develop clear and successful processes resulting in happy property owners and happy tenants.

Rent is paid | Hobart Rentals  | CPPM Property Management

We Ensure the Rent is Paid

We use a direct debit system to ensure that your rent is paid on time.

House Value | Hobart Rentals | CPPM Property Management

We Guard the Value of Your Property

You can trust that we constantly assess and review the return charged on your property to ensure you are receiving the maximum return on your investment as well as the capital growth.

Money Transfer | Hobart Rentals | CPPM Property Management

We Give You Your Money When You Want It

Mid-Month or End of Month?
Depending on your tenants’ payment schedule you can access your funds straight away, without having to wait until the end of the month.

Real Estate Marketing | Hobart Rentals | CPPM Property Management

We use every tool available to us to market your property

We will share your property on respected real estate websites, to our corporate clients, social media, via SMS and email alerts to interested potential tenants.

Signage is placed at  both our prime office location and your property, and in-house marketing materials contain all the substantial details and colour photos.

Loyal Customers | Hobart Rentals | CPPM Property Management

We have Loyal Clients

Many tenants prefer to rent from a recognised, and respected property management business, trusting an impartial third party, like us.

Five Star Reviews | Hobart Rentals | CPPM Property Management

Five Star Service

Our focus is on providing you and your tenant with exceptional service, as reflected in our five-star reviews from both landlords and tenants on RateMyAgent.

  • “I cannot speak more highly of CPPM. Best in the Business. They care for your property as though it was their own” 
    Jennifer and Luke
  • “I have found them to be extremely efficient, and they have found me excellent tenants. Their friendly, approachable manner is very acceptable, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for professional help in property management”
  • “ I came to CPPM after a prior agent had dropped the ball and missed some basic maintenance that could have led to more serious building damage. Upon engaging CPPM to manage the property, they had their trades attend immediately and for a fair price, with no issues to date since. Rent has been paid and the place has been tenanted trouble free.”
  • “A very friendly and professional team who know the area extensively hence helped us navigate and settle into our New Home comfortably. Highly Recommend”
    Liz and Ercan
    Handing Keys to Rent | Hobart Property Management | CPPM

    Are you interested in our Property Management Services?

    What’s included in our Property Management Services?

    Our property management service includes –

    • Finding Tenants

      This includes processing applications, completing application checks and showing the property

    • Lease Management

      Writing and sending the lease agreement to your selected tenant with relevant details

    • Condition Reports

      Completing an entry condition report with photos

    • Lease Renewals

      We will manage and organise the renewal of your lease

    • Property Maintenance

      Overseeing maintenance including getting competitive quotes from our trusted trades if required

    • Inspections

      We will complete regular tenant inspections by our professional team of property managers

    • Trust Accounting

      Including receiving rent from the tenant, paying owner invoices on behalf of the owner, and sending out monthly as well as annual statements.

    The Benefits of Hiring a  Property Manager

    Piece of mind

    Outsourcing the management of your property to industry professionals means you no longer need to worry about your responsibilities as a landlord, the organisation and paperwork, or managing the tenant. Our team will reduce your stress and overwhelm by happily taking those tasks out of your hands, and keeping you up-to-date.

    Fewer legal problems

    Nightmare tenants can end up running up legal problems, which cost both money and time. Property management businesses are up to date on the latest laws, so you have nothing to worry about.

    Lower chance of tenant turnover 

    We provide an effective and efficient service meaning there is a lesser chance of you encountering a high tenant turnover. Should there be any changes on your side, such as a rent increase, tenants may be more willing to cooperate knowing they are in good hands.

    Point of contact for tenants

    Rather than you needing to deal with all tenant issues yourself, a property management business can sort them out for you.

    Saving your time

    Effectively managing a property can be time-consuming, made even tricker when it’s an extra task on your already busy week.

    We make sure rent is paid on time

    By allowing us to take over the pressure will be reduced when the time comes to collect rent payments from challenging tenants. If tenants do not pay their rent on time, we will be able to enforce lease policies and take the required steps to rectify this.

    Property Management Fees

    A decision should never be made purely on the fee structure. For example, a difference of 1% in management fees (the cost of one cappuccino a week) may influence you to select an agency whose poor management of your property may end up costing you thousands of dollars in damage or loss of rent.

    There is no such thing as a standardised service when it comes to property management with many agencies offering differing levels of service. Therefore we strongly recommend that you carefully research and compare services .

    Our management fee is 9.9 per cent of the rent collected each week. The property management fee on this table provides further information, if there is anything you do not understand, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

    Property Management Fee Structure

    Letting Fee
    of rent for the secured lease period, charged at the start of the lease (REIT scale is 7.9%)
    Management Fee
    of rents collected per week (REIT scale 13.83%)
    Administration Fee
    per calendar month
    Lease Renewal Fee
    of rent for the period of the lease extension.
    Internet Marketing Fee
    per occasion the property is listed on the internet (recovery cost – lists the property on 10 different websites)
    Professional Photography
    Including GST for professional portfolio of photos and floor plan – Virtual Staging $65 per room
    Inventory Charge

    Only applies for furnished properties

    End of Financial Year Statement Fee
    per statement

    Frequently Asked Questions about our Property Management Services

    How do you promote my property?

    We know that marketing your property is the most important aspect of successfully leasing it.  Your property will be promoted in a variety of different ways to ensure maximum possible exposure and get a greater selection of quality tenants for you to choose

    • On our website, and social media accounts
    • On the most popular major real estate websites 
    • Via  an email or text message which  will be sent to any prospective tenants who have registered their interest with us
    •  Signage  in front of our prime Sandy Bay location with lots of foot traffic, and at your property
    • Through our extensive network of corporate clients looking for rental accommodation for their top-level employees
    How do you find your tenants?

    After showing a prospective tenant through your home personally (and noting how they respect your property) they’re required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire that provides us with a full background. The following steps are then taken:

    • National Tenancy Database check to see if the tenant has previously defaulted on rental payments
    • Previous and current landlord/agent references are checked and verified
    • Previous and current employment references and income  are checked and verified
    • A personal information report is obtained, and proof of identity is checked

    After this thorough process you will be presented with the applications for selection and approval, You will have final say – it is your property – we simply put forward our recommendations. 

    Are property management fees tax-deductible?

    In the eyes of the ATO, a landlord is like any other type of company owner,  you do need to pay taxes on the profits you make. Luckily, though, the expenses that are associated with the property are tax-deductible, and this includes property management fees.

    Ready to get started?

    At Charlotte Peterswald Property Management our aim is to get the best possible rent for your property in the quickest time frame, whilst still securing a responsible tenant. We are objective and fair to both sides. Charlotte Peterswald Property Management is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergencies that may arise giving you more free time and less stress.